Codey Davis is a Kansas native ceramic artist currently based out of Denver, Colorado. Studying under Peter Pincus and Jane Shellenbarger, Davis received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Most recently Davis’s work has been a combination of wheel thrown and slip cast pieces typically centered around the vessel and other functional forms. More recently she has began incorporating handmade wooden elements to compliment and contrast her ceramic forms. She is inspired by the perfection of artists such as Rosaline Delisle, Bodil Manz, and Doug Peltzman and strives to achieve that level of precision in her own work. Living in Colorado, nature is a huge inspiration for Davis, so on top of wanting the crispness and clarity of artists such as Delisle and Manz, she still wants to incorporate in that raw natural beauty. She achieves this by using a variety of different clay bodies and leaving the clay in its raw unglazed form. 

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